Among life’s great frustrations is to argue with a learned, respected individual, to present indisputable evidence, supported by sound logic, only to be dismissed without fair consideration. Even more common is to clash with those whose learning is ongoing, and to suffer the same indignant response. 

For most of us, these discussions are rare, but they do occur. Anytime there is a holiday dinner, a social gathering, or a visit from well-meaning door knockers, such astounding displays of stubbornness can occur. 

The simple solution to this problem is to refrain from discussion. Indeed, it is an unspoken, but standing rule that we are not to discuss religion or politics in mixed company. 

But as Christians we are called to evangelize. We are expected to engage in these conversations!

How then, are we to proceed in such a world? 

Objective: In this course, students will learn exactly how to debate in favor of our faith. Students will learn about cognitive dissonance, the problem debating can pose and ways they can convince others during a debate.

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Course curriculum

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    Defending the Faith - How to Debate

    • Introduction

    • Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers

    • How to Debate - LESSON PLAN / STUDY GUIDE

    • Defending the Faith - How to Debate - Live Lesson Recording with Deacon Frederick Bartels (10/21/21)

    • How to Debate - QUIZ

    • Defending the Faith - How to Debate - Live Lesson with Deacon Frederick Bartels - October 21 @ 10 AM Pacific

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Marissa R

5 star rating

“This course was well-written and I enjoyed it a lot. Nice course.”

“This course was well-written and I enjoyed it a lot. Nice course.”

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Instructor Bio:

Deacon Frederick Bartels is a member of the Catholic clergy who serves the Church in the diocese of Pueblo, CO. He received an MA in Theology and Educational Ministry from Catholic Distance University, where he is currently employed as an adjunct professor of theology. He is founder and editor of Joy In Truth (, an online magazine dedicated to the New Evangelization. As a Catholic educator, public speaker and evangelist, Deacon Bartels strives to infuse culture with the saving principles of the gospel. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Shelly, and the youngest two of their six children. Professor Bartels is Chairman of the Theology Department.

Deacon Frederick Bartels

Professor of Theology, Department Chair


Instructor Bio:

Professor Marshall Connolly has spent his life in service to God and the Church as an educator and writer. He is a graduate of the California State University system and has earned bachelor's degrees in English and History, as well as a teaching credential. He has completed additional studies at Whitman College, and the University of San Diego. His interests include science and apologetics and he writes on both subjects for Catholic Online (, the World's Catholic Library.

He serves as the first Director of Education for Catholic Online School.

Professor Marshall Connolly

Director of Education