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Last year I was put in charge of a dozen volunteer teachers and nearly two hundred youths. My teachers needed curriculum they could use right away. Our pastor, Fr. J., told me to use Catholic Online School, and I'm glad he did! These solid lessons saved us time and money. Best of all, the students and teachers love it.
- James S., DRE, St. Patrick's Parish

Faithful and Magisterial

"Our priest is very orthodox, so he wouldn't approve this resource unless he trusted it. And he does!"
- Jonathan M., DRE, St, Bartholomew's Parish

Catholic Online School is dedicated to faithful adherence to the magisterium of the Catholic Church. All lessons are reviewed by professional clergy to ensure they conform fully to Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and official doctrine.

It's FREE, saving you Time and Money

"My parish doesn't have much of a budget for catechists, so this resource really helps us!"
- Susan K., DRE, St. Joseph's Parish

Save money on resources by using our 100% FREE video lessons. Save time by using lessons that are already made for you. Each of our over 6,000 FREE video lessons comes with objectives, a script, a video, a study guide, and an assessment. All FREE...

We make tough concepts easy to understand.

"I really like how your lessons are short and to the point. It makes each concept easy for my catechumens to understand."
- David M., DRE, Our Lady of Peace Parish

Our professional catechists are experts at breaking down tough concepts into smaller lessons that are easily understood by students of all ages.

Trusted and Used by Parishes Around the World

With one million student enrollments from 193 countries, schools and parishes, are using Catholic Online School for their catechetical instruction.

Accessible from Anywhere

"My students actually did their homework, because they could access the lessons from their phones."
- Peter G., Catechist, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

Catholic Online School can be accessed on any smart device or computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to learn at their own pace and more likely they will complete their assignments.

Over 6,000 Lessons and Growing!

"I was impressed to find a comprehensive course on Purgatory. We went from virtually ignoring the topic to teaching about it regularly in my parish."
- Shannon S., DRE, St. Charles Borromeo Parish

Catholic Online School has over 6,000 video lessons, and it's still growing! We have hundreds of courses to suit every grade level from primary school to adult.

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  • Trusted by schools and parishes in 193 countries.

  • Dedicated to faithful, magisterial instruction.

  • More than 6,000 video lessons across hundreds of courses.

  • 100% FREE to use and accessible from anywhere.

  • Save time and money with this FREE resource.

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