Important, please read!

  • You cannot make your Confirmation, become Catholic, or earn Sacraments online.

    These courses are supplements to your parish programs. If you want to make your Holy Sacraments, please contact your parish before starting.

  • I want to become a Godparent, Sponsor, or Marry in the Church. Can Catholic Online School help?

    Yes and No. If you are looking to earn your Confirmation online, or to complete the process quickly, then answer is no. We are not here to replace your parish programs. Sacraments cannot be earned online, but only as part of a parish-based catechetical program. If you are taking these courses as part of an approved parish Sacramental program, then yes! Catholic Online School is proud to serve you and your parish with orthodox, magisterial content. rooted firmly in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

New Account FAQ's

  • Why does every student need their own account?

    In order for student progress and Certificates to be awarded, each student must have their own individual account with their own unique email.

  • I am a parent of a young child, how do I get them an account?

    Sign up each of your children with their own account, and a unique different email. As a parent you can login for your child with their unique email and account you created for them.

  • Where can I get a free email address for my child?

    You can use any free email provider of your choice, such as Gmail and Yahoo or others.