Objective: This is the story of Catherine of Siena who followed God's plan for her life, in the face of opposition. 

As a girl, Catherine was called to serve God, but her parents wanted her to marry. Cutting her hair short and spoiling her appearance, Catherine did all she could to follow God's plan for her life. 

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Course curriculum

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    Religious Education - Catechism - St. Catherine of Siena

    • Introduction

    • Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers

    • Religious Education - Catechism - St. Catherine of Siena - LESSON PLAN / STUDY GUIDE

    • Religious Education - Catechism - St. Catherine of Siena - VIDEO

    • Religious Education - Catechism - St. Catherine of Siena - QUIZ


Instructor Bio:

Professor Marshall Connolly has spent his life in service to God and the Church as an educator and writer. He is a graduate of the California State University system and has earned bachelor's degrees in English and History, as well as a teaching credential. He has completed additional studies at Whitman College, and the University of San Diego. His interests include science and apologetics and he writes on both subjects for Catholic Online (catholic.org), the World's Catholic Library.

He serves as the first Director of Education for Catholic Online School.

Professor Marshall Connolly

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