100,000 enrollments from 150 countries

Thanks to all our students and our 24,000 generous donors from 83 different countries!

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Students from 77% of the World are Enrolling!


Catholic Online School is proud to announce 100,000 enrollments! The phenomenal growth of the school is attributed to the Holy Spirit, the hard work of our team of dedicated professionals, and the generous support of our donors. The mission of Catholic Online School is to provide a free, world-class Catholic education for anyone, anywhere.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) -- There are more than 100,000 enrollments in Catholic Online School, the world's largest Catholic educational platform. Students from 150 different countries are enrolling and growing in their faith with courses from Catholic Online School. That means students in 77% of the world's countries are now using Catholic Online School!

In less than ten months' time, more than 24,000 generous donors from 83 different countries have supported this phenomenal mission.

Catholic Online School’s has a rich and growing catalog of more than 350 courses to choose from. Everyone is welcome to take courses on topics such as the saints, prayers, daily readings, the seasons and holy days of the Church and more. New courses are added daily. New courses on the Ten Commandments, and a history course on the Knights Templar, come with a gorgeous certificate of completion for students who satisfy the requirements.

A full, 32-lesson course on Confirmation is also coming to the school and will be published by early September. That course is expertly designed to support catechism teachers and confirmation candidates. It will also come with a certificate of completion.

All courses are written by qualified instructors, stay faithful to Catholic teaching and are edited and approved by  theologically trained Catholic clergy. Each course, has a professionally produced video that makes the lessons easy to understand and brings the content alive.

Catholic Online School has exciting plans for the future. New subject areas packed with content-rich courses are in development. Work has started on a comprehensive world history course, as well as courses on the U.S. Constitution and the Church’s critical pro-life teachings, Women in the Bible and the Message of our Lady of Fatima. Science, health and mathematics are coming too!

For those who enjoy a little mystery, the Explore the Bible series takes a look at Biblical events in their historical context, and answers many of the questions people have.

Every day, comments from teachers and students arrive from around the world thanking Catholic Online School and its supporters for meeting a critical need for free Catholic education.

Yes, there are costs for the production and publication of new courses. These costs are generously provided by donors who at the urging of the Holy Spirit, give generously to this influential project.

As Catholic Online School grows and new courses are developed, the needs of the school are expected to increase. Catholics are encouraged to give to the school, to ensure the school can provide for more students with each passing day. Imagine the transformative power of a free, world-class Catholic education, spreading around the world! That’s what’s happening right now with Catholic Online School.

Thank you to our community for 100,000 enrollments. With your gracious support, we look forward to many more milestones to come!

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