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Art – Students will learn additional art skills while learning about their faith. Students will complete simple art projects for major holy days, feast days, and seasons of the liturgical year.

English – Students will learn rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, and contractions. They will learn rules of capitalization and punctuation. They will be introduced to the parts of speech.

Handwriting – This course will introduce students to cursive letters, an important, but disappearing art. Students will learn both upper and lowercase cursive letters and how to write basic words in cursive. They will also practice and improve their skill with printed letters and learn how to recognize words in both printed and cursive form.

History – In history, students will learn about the beginnings of American history, including the Native American people, Christopher Columbus, and other European explorers of the Americas. Students will also learn about the Catholic missionaries to the native peoples. They will be introduced to the founding fathers, and the Constitution.

Math  Students will learn how to add and subtract numbers up to two digits, recognize, read and write numbers 1-100. Students will be introduced to place value. They will also be introduced to money, measurement, fractions, and time.

Music – Students will learn educational Catholic songs as well as other popular children’s songs.

Phonics and Reading – Students will learn how to read out loud, and how to decode the meanings of new words in sentences. Students will learn to recognize long and short vowel sounds, beginning and ending consonant sounds, as well as blends of sounds. Students will be introduced to the suffixes -ed and -ing. Students will begin reading with the purpose of expanding their vocabulary.

Religious Education – Students will begin learning the fundamental of their Catholic faith, including the Creed, the Commandments, the Sacraments and prayers. Students will learn about the major events in the life of Jesus Christ. They will learn about God and the angels and their role in our lives.

Science – Students will learn about the physical nature of God’s creation. They will perform simple experiments. They will also learn about their senses, nutrition and personal hygiene.

Spelling – Spelling will teach students how to recognize, read and write all of the words recommended for their grade level. Students will also learn how to sound out words.