Blessed Virgin Mary: Our Mother, Mother of the Lord and Church

As with so many of the treasures of the Catholic faith, the treasure of Mary is a gift to be received. Moving from the acceptance of Mary as the Mother of the Lord to Mary as "my mother" requires the gift of faith. There is so much to learn about Mary and the life she lived in order to begin to understand Her mystery.

From her life-changing "Fiat" to the Angel Gabriel's message all the way to her influence on the Apostles and Christ, himself, we set out to explore and learn about all the details of the inspirational and beloved Blessed Virgin Mary... Our Mother, Mother of the Lord and Mother of the Church.

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Mary as Mother Lesson 1 - Mother of God (Theotokos)

Lesson 2 - Mother of the Redeemer

Lesson 3 - Mother of the Church

Lesson 4 - Daughter of the Father

Lesson 5 - Our Mother

Lesson 6 - Spouse of the Spirit
Mary as Model Lesson 1 - Mary in the Scriptures

Lesson 2 - Mary and the Councils

Lesson 3 - Mary and the Saints

Lesson 4 - Mary in the Tradition

Lesson 5 - Mary in the Liturgical Year

Lesson 6 - Mary and the Early Fathers
Mary as Disciple Lesson 1 - The First Disciple

Lesson 2 - The Handmaiden of the Lord

Lesson 3 - Model of Holiness
Way of Mary Lesson 1 - The Message of Mary

Lesson 2 - The Meaning of Mary

Lesson 3 - The Prayer of Mary

Lesson 4 - The Titles of Mary

Lesson 5 - The Song of Mary
Mission of Mary Lesson 1 - Mary and the Eucharist

Lesson 2 - The Path of Mary

Lesson 3 - Mary's Mission

Lesson 4 - Mary and the New Evangelization

Lesson 5 - The Marian Movement

Lesson 6 - Marian Prayer and Piety
Message of Mary Lesson 1 - What Does She Say?

Lesson 2 - Marian Prayer and Devotion

Lesson 3 - Marian Consecration
Devotion of Mary Lesson 1 - Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

Lesson 2 - Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary

Lesson 3 - Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Lesson 4 - Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary
Appearances of Mary Lesson 1 - Appearances and Apparitions

Lesson 2 - Discerning Apparitions and Private Revelations

Lesson 3 - Evaluation of Apparitions