Everything you can do in a physical classroom, you can now do with…

Catholic Online School

Cut tuition up to 50%...

70% of Catholic families cannot afford to send their kids to Catholic School in the U.S.

Ease the burden on students and parents by lowering school tuition by as much as 50%.

Because Catholic Online School’s Curriculum is FREE. Eliminate heavy, expensive, environmentally costly, forgettable, unread books by replacing them with engaging, exciting, user-friendly online content that kids enjoy.

Not only does this cut one of the biggest costs, it drives engagement and accountability. It’s a win-win-win for schools, students, and parents!

A user interface designed for the classroom

Teachers don’t get lost in the grid view and have a dedicated Podium space.

Teacher assistance and presenters can be moved to the front of the class.

Teachers can easily see all students and class data at one time.

Teaching and Learning

Synchronous Online Courses

Content Sharing and Collaboration

Record and Share Classroom Sessions

Video Breakout Rooms and Polling

Virtual Classes

Video Lessons

Guest Lectures and Virtual Field Trips

Online and Hybrid Classes

Student-to-Student Collaboration

Student Engagement

Improve learning experiences

Enhance student engagement

Blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools

Academic Advising

Study Groups and Team Projects

Assessments, Quizzes, Tests

Easily launch live assignments, quizzes, and tests.

One-on-One Discussions

Teachers and teacher assistants can talk with students privately without leaving the Catholic Online School classroom environment.

And more...

  • For Free, For Everyone, Forever

    Our Mission is to Provide a Free World Class Catholic Education for Anyone, Anywhere.

  • Faithful to the Magisterium

    Always Faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

  • Free Lesson Plans

    We have full lesson plans that are EASY TO USE and follow. Our lesson plans are simple and straightforward making learning enjoyable and meaningful for every student.

  • Reach students outside of the classroom

    Distance learning tools allow you to stay connected with students when they’re studying from home and instruct online.

  • Provide flexibility for educators and students

    Distance learning doesn’t depend on classroom space, school hours and fixed schedules. We offer educators and students freedom to plan their process.

  • Give easier access to learning anywhere

    Even if your school is closed and students can’t attend classes in person, distance learning allows education to continue the process and maintain the curriculum.

  • Enable school-wide collaboration

    Teach with confidence using features built to help students succeed such as goal setting, dedicated tracking, customized learning environments, and course landing pages built to help them immediately see value.

  • Empower teachers to create interactive lessons

    At the end of the plan, evaluate what has been accomplished and if the objectives have been achieved to each students satisfaction.

  • Free Catholic Resources

    Free resources on Prayers, Saints, the Bible and much more, from Catholic Online, the World's Catholic Library at catholic.org.

  • Easy content upload and edits

    Teachers can easily create and add new videos and lessons each week, updating courses and lessons while on the go. This enables teachers to keep their curriculum up to date.

  • Track progress and keep students motivated

    Encourage them with automated check-ins. Make communication a breeze with automated progress and reminder emails that you can personalize.

  • Worry-free rollout across your school, district or institution!

    Onboard all teachers with ease. Catholic Online School is already used by hundreds of thousands of students, learners, and teachers.