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Physical Science - This course explores physical creation through science. Students will learn about the universe, its history and structure, as well as basic astronomy. Students will then study the Earth in detail, from the core of the planet to its atmosphere. The nature of energy and matter, the physics of motion and Newton’s Laws will also be studied.

Earth Science - In this course, students will study the Earth in detail, including earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks, minerals, erosion, oceans, ice, the atmosphere and weather.

Biology - Students will learn about the living world, including the order that makes life possible. Students will study the various kingdoms of life, and the biology of humankind. An emphasis will be placed on Catholic thinking during this course. The Church’s position on evolution will also be taught.

Chemistry - Students will study chemistry starting with systems of measurement and mathematics in chemistry. Students will progress to studies that focus on atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions, solids, gasses, acids, bases, and salts. Students will learn about common chemical reactions and why they occur. And emphasis will be placed on mastery of the scientific method.

Nutrition - Students will learn how nutrition works, including calories, vitamins and minerals, good eating habits, hygiene, and healthy choices. Students will also learn about eating disorders. Students will also learn how various substances in food affect the body.

Physics - In this course, students will learn the basic concepts of physics. Students will learn Newton’s Laws of Motion, kinetic and potential energy, various forms of motion, momentum, falling, entropy, magnetism, electricity, gas laws, refrigeration, atomic theory, radiation, relativity, and quantum physics.