The Future of Catholic Education

We are building the next generation of teaching tools. Our interactive and immersive labs replace the whiteboard.

With the advent of digital education and technology, high quality, low-cost augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is attracting the attention of users and researchers all around the globe, implying that it may be a stepping-stone in technological innovation. AR and VR renders an extraordinary shift in the way humans can witness the digital realm.

Keeping in mind the same ideology, Catholic Online Science Academy is a technology project founded by the same team of Catholic Online School researches. It is based on the mission to transform virtual STREAM education through an immersive educational platform along with supporting educators by augmenting their expertise with its new media teachings aids.

Catholic Online Science Academy will leverages the power of AR and VR in a human-centered and empathetic way adding a novel dimension for learning across all verticals of training and education. Promoting the hybrid future of education, Catholic Online Science Academy has curated self-paced, customizable, curriculum-aligned content for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as per existing standards and lesson plans. Also, backed by scientific research, these modules are designed to be brief yet deep summaries of fundamental scientific processes.

Through Catholic Online Science Academy, learners are encouraged to set personal goals and track progress with the help of its interactive and inclusive experiences. In addition to making it extremely user friendly, we are committed to meeting the outcomes demonstrated in laboratory experiments-higher retention, engagement, confidence and deeper inquiry-driven problem-solving skills.

With Catholic Online Science Academy you can experience a whole new level of STREAM, explore an ever-growing content library that would give you access to hundreds of experiments, along with solving and creating your own worksheets. To top it all, you can access Catholic Online Science Academy products from anywhere and everywhere as our Virtual labs are perfect for remote learning and are compatible with Windows, PC, Mac, Oculus Quest, and HTC Vive.

3 Science topics we will teach using our Virtual Labs

Remember when you were younger and science seemed so cool? You learned that the sky is blue, opposite poles attract, and that viruses made us sick. You got to observe science in action. As you got older you continued to learn the same topics, but now you had to understand the wave theory of light, magnetism, and how viruses infect cells. Instead of observation, you were forced to use your imagination-assuming you understood the difficult STREAM concepts in the first place.

Here are a few STREAM topics you should consider teaching with our 3D models:

1. Microscopic Cells

Looking through a microscope can be exciting. Videos can show you what a cell looks like. However, students struggle to develop a spatial understanding of the cell. A breakable 3D Cell model allows students to dissect microscopic cells, put them back together, and understand the spatial arrangement of organelles!

2. Atomic Structures

Tired of asking your students to construct atoms from scratch? Use our 3D models of all the atoms in the periodic table to help your students visualize subatomic particles and valence shells.

3. Human Anatomy

We don’t all have access to high-quality cadavers when teaching human anatomy. Allow your students to dissect different parts of the human body using 3D models (and keep some of them from feeling squeamish!).