The Moral Life in Christ

Moral Theology

You might wonder why studying morality and the virtues is important. What you believe and how you live has a radical effect on your life. In studying what it means to live the moral life in Christ and in applying what you’ve learned, your life will be pointed or ordered toward its proper end. 

It will point you toward God.

In this course, we’ll learn that the choices you make shape who you become: they determine your character. And they factor into your eternal destiny. We’ll study what it means to live an authentic moral life. We’ll take a look at the virtues, and what it means to live a truly virtuous life. We’ll examine why morality and the virtues are important and why living a virtuous life is itself the life of excellence. And we'll take a look at some moral questions, including some of the many moral issues found in culture today. 

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Pursuing what is truly good through your free choices, helps to unite you to the Perfect Good who is God.

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