Moral Theology

The Moral Life in Christ

CLASS - Video series LESSON - Video
Why Does Morality Matter? Lesson 1 - Everyone Lives By Some Type of Moral Code

Lesson 2 - How People Develop Their Moral Code

Lesson 3 - Why Our Beliefs Are Crucial (Parts 1-2)

Lesson 4 - How Choices Shape Our Character (Parts 1-3)

Lesson 5 - The Problem of Relativism (Parts 1-6)

Lesson 6 - A Brief Survey of Some Moral Issues (Parts 1-2)
Created In God’s Image and Likeness Lesson 1 - Made In The Imago Dei

Lesson 2 - Bestowed With Freedom

Lesson 3 - Made in the Image of Christ

Lesson 4 - The Dignity of The Human Person

Lesson 5 - God's Great Love For You

Lesson 6 - The Highest Sign of God's Love

Lesson 7 - Built for Happiness and Love

Lesson 8 - Created for Communion and Beatitude
Human Freedom Lesson 1 - Freedom and The Power To Choose

Lesson 2 - Understanding Reason and the Intellect

Lesson 3 - Understanding the Human Will

Lesson 4 - Fully Human Free Choices

Lesson 5 - Intentions, Influences and Temptations

Lesson 6 - Wrong Understandings of Human Freedom and Its Limits

Lesson 7 - Wrong Understandings of Human Freedom: Thinking The Power to Choose Defines the Person

Lesson 8 - Why the Gift of Freedom

Lesson 9 - The Fall of Humankind

Lesson 10 - The Effects of Original Sin
The Reality of Sin Lesson 1 - Understanding and Misunderstanding Sin

Lesson 2 - Looking at How Sin Damages Oneself and Others

Lesson 3 - What is Venial Sin

Lesson 4 - The Effects of Venial Sin

Lesson 5 - What is Mortal Sin

Lesson 6 - The Effects of Mortal Sin

Lesson 7 - The Meaning of Repentance

Lesson 8 - The Sacrament of Confession and God’s Mercy
Two Approaches To Morality Lesson 1 - The Morality of Obligation Approach

Lesson 2 - The Morality of Happiness Approach

Lesson 3 - The Ring of Gyges Story

Lesson 4 - The Dark Side of Human Nature

Lesson 5 - The Goodness of The Human Person

Lesson 6 - Apparent Goods vs. True Goods
The Three Sources of Morality Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 2 - Object

Lesson 3 - Intrinsically Evil Objects

Lesson 4 - Good Intentions

Lesson 5 - Bad Intentions

Lesson 6 - Circumstances and Increased Goodness

Lesson 7 - Circumstances and Diminished Goodness

Lesson 8 - Circumstances and Increased Culpability

Lesson 9 - Circumstances and Diminished Culpability

Lesson 10 - The Importance of Communicating Moral Truth

Lesson 11 - More on Circumstances and Increasing Evil

Lesson 12 - More on Circumstances and Increasing Goodness

Lesson 13 - Rules to Remember
The Principle of Double Effect Lesson 1 - What Is Meant By Moral Dilemma

Lesson 2 - The Act Must Be Good or Neutral In Its Object

Lesson 3 - The Possible or Inevitable Evil Consequence Must Not Be Intended

Lesson 4 - The End Does Not Justify The Means

Lesson 5 - The Concept of Proportionality

Lesson 6 - The Catechism and Double Effect Part I

Lesson 7 - The Catechism and Double Effect Part II

Lesson 8 - Two Common Abuses of Double Effect
Cooperation In Evil Lesson 1 - Principle Agent and Cooperator

Lesson 2 - What Does It Mean To Cooperate In Evil

Lesson 3 - Formal Cooperation In Evil

Lesson 4 - Material Cooperation In Evil

Lesson 5 - Immediate Material Cooperation In Evil

Lesson 6 - Mediate Material Cooperation In Evil

Lesson 7 - Mediate Material Cooperation and Proportionality

Lesson 8 - Mediate Material Cooperation and Avoiding Scandal

Lesson 9 - Conclusions and Piecing It All Together
Voting as a Catholic Lesson 1 - Why Voting Is Important

Lesson 2 - The Importance of Properly Forming the Conscience

Lesson 3 - Correctly Prioritizing Moral Issues

Lesson 4 - Intrinsic Evils vs Matters of Prudential Judgment

Lesson 5 - Abortion The Preeminent Moral Issue In America

Lesson 6 - Voting With a Coherent Ethic of LIfe Approach

Lesson 7 - A Practical Example of Pro-Life vs Anti-Life

Lesson 8 - Choosing The Candidate Who Will Do The Least Damage to Human Life, Dignity, and The Common Good

Lesson 9 - Can A Catholic Choose Not To Vote

Lesson 10 - Voting for An Anti-Life Politician Can Place Your Soul At Risk

Lesson 11 - Addressing Some Common Misunderstandings

Lesson 12 - Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson 13 - Voting With Virtue

Lesson 14 - The Top Three Voting Concerns In America Today
Made for Happiness, Love, and Beatitude
The First Precept of The Moral Law: Avoid Evil and Do The Good
Situation Ethics and Why It’s Wrong
Human Passions and Emotions
Can Emotions Be Praiseworthy or Blameworthy?
Is It Possible to Control Emotions?
What Is The Human Conscience?
The Judgment of The Human Conscience
The Formation of The Human Conscience
What Is Sin?
Mortal Sin
Venial Sin
The Natural Moral Law
The Cardinal Virtues
The Life of Virtue Is The Life of Excellence
The Free Gift of Grace
Justifying Grace
Actual Grace
Sanctifying Grace
The Sacraments of Initiation
Baptism: Gateway to Eternal Life
Confirmation: Sacrament of Maturity and Power To Defend
Eucharist: Receive Christ and Become One With Him
The Theological Virtues
Faith: I Believe
Hope: Trust in Christ’s Promises
Charity: Love of God and Christian Love
Christ’s Saving Passion, Death and Resurrection
How Did Christ Redeem Us?
Christ Made Salvation Possible
Jesus Is The Only Way To God The Father
Entering Into A Relationship of Communion With Jesus
Divine Revelation
Love of Sacred Scripture: The Inspired Word of God
Sacred Tradition: The Word of God Transmitted
The Church as Mother and Teacher
The Magisterium of the Church
The Uniqueness and Necessity of Christ and His Church
Eschatology: The Last Things
Jesus Calls You To Holiness and Beatitude