Exciting Announcements

We are super excited to announce Catholic Online School will offer a
complete K-12 STREAM curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year (over 1,000 new free lessons).

Religious Education

Language Arts




Social Studies

Algebra I

Algebra II



Earth Sciences





Coming Soon!

'Bishop Joseph Strickland and Deacon Keith Fournier' Podcast coming soon to the Catholic Online Network

'Storyteller' Podcast coming soon on the Catholic Online Network

Deacon Keith Fournier will launch his Podcast on the Catholic Online Network, 'The Real Common Good'

Professor Marshall Connolly will launch his Podcast on the Catholic Online Network, 'Tough Questions'

'The Constitution of the United States of America'

'Our Amazing Kelp Forest' - This awesome Marine Biology class is Coming Soon!


'U.S. History'

'Basic Science'

'Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh'

'The Nativity Scene'

'12 Days of Christmas Meaning'

'Daily Readings - December 2020'

'First Confession/Reconciliation' with Certificate of Completion

'12 Days of Christmas' Meaning

'Epiphany of the Lord'

Grade 1 - 'Jesus Saves Us'

Grade 1 - 'Jesus and the Eucharist'

Grade 1 - 'The Miracles of Jesus'

Grade 1 - 'Jesus the Healer'

Grade 1 - 'Jesus the Leader'

Grade 1 - 'The Gospel'

Grade 1 - 'Jesus as a Child'

Grade 1 - 'The Wise Men'

Grade 1 - 'The Arrival of Jesus'

Grade 1 - 'The Blessed Virgin Mary'

Grade 1 - 'The Prophets'

'Explore the Bible - Pontius Pilate'

'Explore the Bible - Abraham and Isaac'

'Explore the Bible - The Name of God'

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Catholic Online Network 'Podcasts'

Stay tuned for the launch of 'The Common Good', 'Tough Questions' and 'The Fantastic Voyage' Podcasts- from our awesome new Podcast Studio B at our 'The California Studios', right here in the heart of California.
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